should trump build the wall? this video will change your mind

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That it's a nice idea until you take scale into account.

The Israel-Egypt border is about 250 miles of steel fence, used to deter approximately 50,000 illegal immigrants per year prior to the fence going up, who are technologically limited with only a small role being played by any significant organised crime organisation. Given the desert conditions of a large amount of the area, it also requires less active patrolling and guarding. The final cost of the wall was approximately half a billion dollars.

Trump's proposed wall is 30ft of steel and concrete to cover most of the 2,000 miles of border between the two countries, with around half a million illegal crossings made per year despite the defences already in place. There is a far greater percentage of the border that can be effectively crossed, the people crossing are comparatively richer and better equipped than the Egyptian immigrants, and drug cartels are highly involved in facilitating border crossings for their drug and human trafficking operations using a huge array of sophisticated techniques. The predicted cost for the wall is $20-25billion, without taking into account the inevitable bureaucratic delays and inefficiencies or Trump's consistent campaign promise that the USA would not pay for the wall.

And even if it was potentially able to be equally effective and even if it did get completed, it does nothing to address that the US sees more illegal immigration through legal entry channels than it does from border crossings, with overstayed visas being the leading avenue for illegal immigrants. The wall could cut less than half of illegal immigration to the country at best, but it would stop most of the brown people which I think is what most Trump supporters care about anyway.

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