How many marks would you give my a-level clinical psychology essay?

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How could I improve this? I tried to time myself to give myself 10 minutes exactly but I struggle to get everything written down in an exam. I tried to write as little as possible so I could talk a lot, but just struggled. I didn't really know what to write because whenever I write, I end up writing too much for the 8 markers. Please help me, thanks!

5) Assess how effective a biological treatment may be compared to a non-biological treatment(8 marks).

The typical biological prescription for OCD are SSRsI lke fluoxetine while an example for a standard psychological treatment is ERPT. ERPT is found to usually work for clients who are motivated. However Masellis et al(2003) found that 44% of clients only suffer from obsessions so ERPT is useless. This suggests that a better treatment for OCD may be rooted in biology.

There are concerns that individuals will relapse in therapy. Korean et al(2002) found that antidepressant medication may help to prevent relapse. This contrasts with Ravizza et al(1995) who found that drugs were not effective for 40% of people. This raises the question of individual differences. Brody et al(1998) found that metabolic rate shows whether individuals respond better to CBT or drug therapy.

It is hard to generalise if psychological treatments will be more or less effective due to individual differences.
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I assumd your essay won't be checked for similarity then.

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