What data can i collect to measure regeneration in an area?

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So i'm in yr 13 doing my A level geography course work on how 'successful regeneration has been in corby'. I've now come to the data collection part and i was wondering if anybody could give me some surveys or methods to collect data that i can interpret to prove or disprove my hypothesis? so far i have got;

bi polar surveys
building decay survey
number plate surveys
retail quality survey

i definitely think i need more methods as these are all not very accurate in answering the question.
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Environmental Quality index
Also as secondary data you could try and find house prices of the area currently and if possible before the regeneration project was started, if not sample nearby unregenerated areas
In regards to surveys you could just aks 1-10 or 1-5 how effective do you think [specific regeneration project] has been, or how much they like it
Then you could ask for additional comments if they have time
Be warned though surveys are really hard to do because no one wants to do a survey especially not one held by a teenager

Check out this link https://www.geography-fieldwork.org/...ies/fieldwork/
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Questionnaires are the best method.
-Have you noticed more shops being set up in the area?
-Has your quality of life improved in the past 10 years?
-What differences have you seen in the past year ( this could show proof of regeneration by people saying things such as removal of graffiti, more work, improvement of aesthetics, blah blah)

If you want to think outside the box, Use a census to show population rise between 2001 and 2011 ( the most recent ones), and if there is a rise, no matter big or small, it shows that regeneration has occurred due to opportunity being provided, housing and migration of people -- you could compare it to Stratford and how regeneration led to inward investments from outside investors (different countries) leading to a higher population and better regeneration processes.

Some other methods: Personal observation compared to older pictures, you can also make a judgment of the question, infact this is vital to get better marks.

message me if you need any thing else

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