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I'm currently in Year 12 so obviously I have to start thinking about what I want to do for uni and such. I'm probably going to study history at uni since it's the subject I'm the best at and most interested in at A level. I want to study in Japan and I found out about the MEXT scholarship, however there was on bit of information that confused me - it says I will have to arrive in Japan by April, which means before I actually do my A levels, so obviously applying for this would not be possible without a gap year, which isn't ideal since I want to go straight into uni rather then spend a year at home where I'm unable to work or do anything really useful due to how rural I live.

If this is the case what are my other options for scholarships or just studying in Japan without breaking the bank?
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The academic year in Japan starts in April so generally that’s when students enrol. Some universities might allow you to enrol in the second semester (October). But I think MEXT only allows for April enrolment as is the norm.

Exchange programmes generally allow for September enrolment to fit in with the academic year in other countries - you could look for UK unis which offer a year abroad in japan?

I’m sure you’re probably aware but undergrad programmes in japan are likely to be all taught in Japanese. The MEXT undergraduate scholarship gives you 1 year of language prep but that’s really not that much given the level of language required to complete an undergraduate degree. I know the scholarship says you don’t need to know Japanese prior to application but if you don’t already, I’d strongly recommend getting a head start.

I did a year abroad in japan and although 2 years of uni study in the UK is not comparable to 1 years immersion and dedicated language study in Japan, I was nowhere near competent enough to take classes in Japanese when I arrived. Even by the time I left I’d have struggled to do well in regular undergraduate classes - admittedly my exchange programme was classes taught in English alongside Japanese language study. So not total immersion. But even so!
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