how come this type of guy doesn’t like me?

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so I only really meet boys at parties and the type of boys I tend to be attracted to are the cute intelligent ones who seem a bit shy and are smart rather than super good looking but the only boys that approach me at these parties and who try to kiss me and stuff are the more “popular/hot” type of guy but I’m personally not that attracted to them, I prefer the other type of guy. At a party at the weekend I was drunk and I was talking to this very cute intelligent guy and this other person came over and said “oo sorry I’ll leave you two alone” and the clever one said “no no we’ll come with you” and the way he said it almost sounded as if he was offended to of been said to of been with me. I don’t know whether this is because he just thinks I’m ugly or because I was too drunk or what but I just want to know how I can attract this different type of guy. Maybe I’m just ugly
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Perhaps don't expect to meet that guy in a party, whilst drunk?
As modestly as possible, I might fit that criteria :P, and you would find me either at home, at a society place, at a study place at the uni or in the sports place at uni and very occasionally at a party.
So if you wish to increase your chances at meeting guys who are your type you have your answer. It sounds like you are approaching guys too, which is great, so unless they aren't attracted to you, you have a great chance.

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