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I’m currently a few months into doing a Level 2 business studies course at my local college. Quick little back story, messed up from GCSES completely only achieving two in English Lit and Lang at grade 4 and recently just resat Maths (getting my results Jan 17th) and I’m feeling pretty good about it.
At the beginning of this school year, I was loving college. I was always ahead of the class and loved doing business but as it go into the year I could see my mood change. I was slowly becoming more and more sad and one day I ended up going to the doctors and got diagnosed with depression. I’m now on medication which worked for a while and I was getting back on track but now I’ve fallen behind in my work and I’m starting to feel down again.
My main issue is that I just can’t seem to do my work. It’s going to sound stupid but I just can’t find the energy to do it and when I do try I just end up sitting there for ages. I’ve done the whole having a word with myself and crying a lot about it but now I’ve just reached breaking point. So I’m asking for some help here. What can I do? Do I try and stick it out even though it’s bringing me down and making me more depressed or do I drop out? And if I do drop out, what can I do with two GCSES?
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Same but I’m a first year uni student. I have two essays due in 54 hours and have no motivation to finish them. I just stress myself out 24h before the deadline and submit weak work. I can’t stop procrastinating.
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