Liverpool Hope's Top Tips for a Student During the Holidays

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Greetings All, :santa3::snowman:

The festive break is just around the corner so we thought it would be wise to share with you some of our top tips for students over the next couple of weeks.

1. Organise Your Workload :jiggy:

If you have assignments or work to do over the holidays be sure to make a note of the deadlines. Using a whiteboard or a wall calendar can be a massive help in ensuring you don’t forget about when work needs to be submitted for example. Although this time of year is perfect for celebrating at home or with family and friends, it is also important not to forget about certain pieces of work that must be done over the break.

2. Don’t completely switch off from your emails :hide:

Although it may be very unlikely for you to receive any emails during the weeks off from teaching, in some cases some valuable information could possibly be sent out to your student email accounts. You want to be sure that you are kept up to date if there is any changes to submission dates or to timetabling allocations.

3. You can still get advice and help :tsr:

Despite many universities shutting down for the festive period, some universities may still have access to their general enquiry services. Failing this, you can always seek the advice from The Student Room where I’m sure you will still find answers to your questions over Christmas.

4. Make time to celebrate and have fun :couchpotato:

Regardless of wherever you are celebrating the holidays or not, this time of year is perfect to celebrate how far you have come and to put aside a bit of time to relax. If you are busy with assignment work then be sure to take regular breaks and perhaps switch off from revising and work of an evening. Those festive movies aren’t going to watch themselves!

5. Safety and adjusting back :five:

One of the most important tips has to be focused on your safety both physically and emotionally. If you feel stressed out and you’re struggling please reach out to someone. Returning back to university after a couple of weeks at home can sometimes be a difficult adjustment for students. If you find this the case then please utilise the support services provided at your university or college, or even wider than this.

And that's a wrap (no pun intended). We hope you have a fantastic break and look forward to speaking with you in the New Year.

Tom :hnn: :happy2:

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