What to do if I’m aiming for 3 A*s/As?

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January mocks are coming up and I’m really determined to do great in them. I don’t really have a fixed revision strategy and I’m doing well for someone who’s just started year 12 but I feel like I really need to improve, especially for English Lit.

The subjects I’m doing are English Lit, Sociology and Media Studies. For sociology and media i’m around an A grade (based on the class assessments we’ve had so far) but with English i feel like i’m lowkey struggling. I’m working at a C grade and I admit i don’t revise my notes on the subject as much compared to the amount I do on sociology. However with English there just seems so much to do- my teacher expects me to have read lots of classic books and poems to choose one or two for coursework starting early next year which i haven’t done much at all of, we have 2 closed book assessments in the first couple weeks in January and on top of this our homework is to watch these particular movies because our teacher thinks it will help us when relating to love in the medieval ages. But I really don’t see how this links and I feel like it will be pointless and a complete waste of time when I have so much actual revision to do but at the same time I don’t want to get an average/bad reference for not getting homework done. It’s all too much.
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You're limited to only an A in AS. The best way to revise is to go over past papers and make notes that you can go over.

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