AQA A level English Language and Literature- A2 coursework

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I'm struggling with the coursework part of A2; I thought I had decided on the investigation I wanted to do: the representation of identity in The Picture of Dorian Gray (literary text) but I'm not sure what non-literary text I should use with it. I was going to use a Ted Talk on identity ( is there a real you?) but I don't think its strong/ relevant enough. I'm on a serious time constraint with this because I'm doing an intensive course ( 1 year instead of 2) and I can't really drop this subject, so I have to make a concrete decision on the investigation I'm going to do asap and need to have a draft done by the end of the Christmas break.If anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it.
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Try picking something where you know there is a lot you can definitly talk about in the language and something that is enjoyable to you, because whatever you do will likely be relavant if you enjoy it. For example, I did A2 English language and I was interested in working with young children in the future. I'm not any more, but it still shows you have research skills and the topic you pick doesn't really effect anything, because you get the final grade for English as a whole, not they individual research topic you decide to do. So I decided to do my investigation into how teachers' language was different when teaching primary school and secondary school children. I got permission to go into a primary school and record them, then typed it all up and analysed it. Then went to classes of different year groups with my seconday school English teacher to record them. It also helped that we were studying Child Language Aquisition at the same time in English lesssons, so I was able to use what I had learned then and apply it to my own research. So you could also link it to one of your other subjects maybe and see how language is used in that particular topic, because each specialism has its own jargon. If you want to do the Ted Talk though, you could look at how they are using language to engage with their audience and get them to agree with what they are saying.
I hope you understand what I mean. Good luck in deciding!

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