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Hi can a former A/A* Alevel Chem,Bio,Physics and Economics student give me advice on how to get As in my AS level year.

I got 9s,8s and 7s at GCSE.

I would appreciate it as I want to get into medicine.

It would be much appreciated.

Thank you all xx
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I got an A in AS Biology and a high grade B in AS Chemistry. They were school exams, but I would have probably got all A's if it were the official AS exams. This is what I did:

I learn the content from here first and check if it covers all the content from my textbook. I add some more detail to it (the 'HowScienceWorks' boxes that we all skip ) and then learn that too.

After doing that, all I do is PRACTICE QUESTIONS as I believe that this is the key to Biology as there are soo many application questions. I write down the questions that I got wrong and memorise them to prevent me from making that mistake in the future.
I memorise the Mark Scheme for as many questions as possible, as similar questions in biology will have an overlapping mark scheme which expects certain key words and won't give you the marks unless you state those 'exact words'.
I once lost marks for describing some equipment as 'accurate' but I got it wrong because the mark scheme only accepted the word 'precise'.

Where I get my Biology practice questions (LINKS ATTACHED):

This subject is actually the easiest and most straight-forward one to revise for. LITERALLY, the only studying I do is memorising the Chemrevise revision notes and then doing past paper questions. The AQA Chemistry questions are soo repetitive so memorising mark schemes helps a lot! I also note down the questions I got wrong and learn the mark schemes to them.

Where I get my Chemistry practice questions (LINKS ATTACHED):
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From someone who got 5 As at AS level with Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics:

Make sure you memorise the colour changes and conditions for the inorganic analysis and organic analysis.
Know the main CONCEPTS
Do tons of past papers.

Make sure you know the concepts.
Memorise the entire particle physics.
Know the practicals like the back of your hand.
Tons of past papers.

Notes and notes
Memorise everything in a good way.
Tons of past papers.

I only had stable notes for Biology. For physics and chemistry it was more of a do and throw away method.

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