A Level History or Religious Studies ?

Sean Harnett
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Currently in year 11 and Sixth Application Deadlines are coming up soon. Iv decided I want to do Geography and Politics however I’m stuck between doing History or RS as a third option. I’m not keen on doing both since I want to do the EPQ and doing 4 subjects as well would be too much.I didn’t take History at GCSE however the couse looks really interesting and is considered favourably by Universities. I did take RS though and I do enjoy it and predicted to get a 8. I’m more interested in learning about the philosophy and Ethics side, not so much the Religion.
With History I hear there’s a BIGWorkload and is Very Essay based.This puts me off slightly because my main subject I want to focus on is Geography which is what I’m considering taking at Uni.
It would be helpful if anyone does these subjects and could offer any advice on what the courses are like at A level? Which one is harder ? Are these good combinations?
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Forget about comparing workload, if you want to do well you'll have a lot of work regardless of the subject. Plus, they're both going to be essay-based.

I am biased towards history because I happen to take it. Out of all my subjects, I spend the least amount of time on history just because I can never be bothered to sit down and memorise things. It's all about how you answer, anyway. Once you find a formula for answering essay questions that works, you're pretty much set.
The periods you study can make or break history A-level. I'm lucky enough to be studying some really interesting areas. If you find the course interesting, I say go for it. It doesn't really matter that you didn't take it at GCSE because the style of questions will be different from GCSE.
I honestly have no idea whether RS A-level includes coursework, but history definitely does. So I guess that's slightly less pressure on the actual exams if you do well in coursework.

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