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I'm told I'm an average weight and completely healthy. However, I've started to eat a lot more junk food due to my siblings and family. I want to feel happy about my body and get rid of some excess fat but I just can't keep a healthy diet. It's currently the holidays and there's nothing productive to do and when I'm bored I usually find some junk/carb food to eat. I don't know how to keep a balanced nor healthy diet and I guess I just want a bit of advice.
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Ngl it's mentally hard keeping to a healthy lifestyle at times but that's ok. To start with don't class it as a diet class it as lifestyle changes. What's the difference a diet is usually short-mid term where as lifestyle changes should and can be for life. Start your day off by getting up at a set time - say 7-8am everyday even if it means setting your alarm and you are on holiday, prepare breakfast as soon as you get up something that is healthy and high in fibre and protein. Eat enough of it to see your hunger through til lunchtime. For me this is a bowl of porridge with cacao seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, chopped almonds and chopped coconut chunks. If you opt for something like this try eating it slowsy useing a teaspoon rather than a tablespoon.

After breakfast give it about 15-20 minutes then prepare your lunch - for me most days of the week this is a salad and chicken salad sandwhich - I prepare enough salad for 2 days, make the sandwhiches wrap them up and put them into a cool lunchbox. After this it's upto you what you do for a bit either get ready get dressed and go for a walk or go relax watch tv etc , if you get hungry before lunch eat a piece of fruit but try not to eat anything until at least 2 hours have passed since breakfast.

I usually start tea/dinner around 1 hour from when I want to eat it for me that I start it at 7pm and eat it around 8pm. It's usually vegetables and fish or pie. Again if you get hungry in the meantime have a piece of fruit or 2 I usually eat a banana around 5-6pm and an apple around 7pm.

If you can try to structure your meal and snack times to set times and try your best to stick to them or as near to them as you can this is what I like to call "structured eating" , by doing this in a few weeks your body will get used to when it's time to eat rather than wanting to eat whenever.
I would still recommend eating some junk food every now and then - but don't make it a daily habit and/or make the junk foods very small quantities like small quantities of chocolate. If in the begining you are eating large amounts of chocolate then consider cutting the full bars down into idividual chunks/pieces and just having 1 or 2 at a time. This should make you a little more mindful.

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