modern feminism is bad

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harry mcgurry
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the female modern feminist otherwise known as femnazi is the worst thing happening, who agrees?
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What do you define as modern feminism? (I looked up the word "feminazi" and it seems more of a derogatory term rather than a descriptive one).
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while you're just an MRA troll, modern, liberal feminism is indeed ****.

Word police: The "language orthodoxy" (credit to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) or, the way libfems police words & their meaning and usage.

Every choice is "empowering": The absurd notion that any choice a woman makes is inherently a feminist or empowering one. This ignores every context except for the personal context of a given individual. It ignores larger power/political/religious/cultural influences.

White feminism: You're likely to be accused of racism or of enabling racism if you speak about the difficulties women in different religions or countries face. It discourages anything other than extreme and complete cultural relativism. (If white, you'll be called a "white feminist".)

Pro sex exploitation: Lib feminism also misrepresents or ignores the plight of women and girls who have been victims of sex trafficking, prostitution and pornography. Women who leave various religions, sexist communities or the sex trade can be vilified/ silenced b/c they don't fit a libfem narrative. Sex work and porn are celebrated and normalized. Have you heard of the oxymoron "feminist porn"? Libfems seem to love Teen Vogue with its preteen girl readers being shown how positive sex work and anal sex are (without detailing harms/considering this is grooming).

Erase biological sex, for females only: Libfems are happy to erase women's bodies and experiences from our language(s). Major health orgs--dealing w/cancer or childbirth etc.--are celebrated for "inclusivity" by calling us by our body parts or functions. Men are NOT treated the same way.

Erase female spaces: Liberal feminism pretends women don't need sex segregation in intimate spaces. In many areas, women are still fighting this most basic fight for women's rights & public safety. In the Western world, it's "progressive" to undo the work of earlier feminists. Ironic that certain news outlets have stories of great success where somewhere in Africa girls now have female toilets and can attend school and then they have articles whining how people are opposed to males colonizing female spaces in the West if they say the magic words "I identify..."

Queer theory: "Queer theory" is at the core of liberal feminism. You're guilty of sedition if you point out how much of this theory reinforces gender stereotypes and promotes the homophobic notion that same-sex attraction is exclusive.

Refusal to engage: There's a general refusal to engage with dissent--even minor disagreements. There is no room for nuance. Don't agree with absolutely everything/the entire language orthodoxy? Bigot. TERF. SWERF. Personal attacks. This leads to radicalization and polarization -> You are either with the dogma 100% or you are an evil enemy.

Science denial: Libfems embrace flimsy social science while ignoring--or actively attempting to suppress--contradictory evidence or more robust/medical science (or established medical FACTS). But don't be surprised when YOU are the one accused of "cherry picking" etc. if you disagree.

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