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I am currently in Year 11 and doing Edexcel GCSE French.

Any tips on how to get GCSE grade 9 in the reading, writing, speaking and listening?

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I got a 9 and this is what I would say is key (i did AQA but i imagine most of this advice is universal) -
Know the all vocab the exam board suggests (should be in specification) and try and learn more of your own accord related to the subjects. They might throw in unfamiliar vocabulary but a lot of the time you can deduce the meaning through similarity to english/other french words/context (sometimes words that look unfamiliar sound a bit like an english word or words that sound unfamiliar look like an english word so thats something to keep in mind).
Read and listen to french things regularly - things with simple (ish) language like kids media can help you get used to hearing french and if you stick french/english subtitleson too you can get to grips with how the sounds translate to written words. Reading french things will help you pick up vocab that you can use in your writing and speaking. Also past paper/specimen material is good, even other exam boards, just to get as much experience with hearing/seeing the kind of french you will hear/see in your listening.
Tenses - make sure you have past imperfect, perfect past, present, near future and future tenses learned fairly confidently so you can do them accurately for different infinitive endings and different people, and know when to use them . Also learn your irregulars and which verbs take avoir/etre in perfect past. Then I would say learn a few good conditional and subjunctive phrases that you can throw in to impress examiners in writing and speaking. Theres a few more tenses, its all in the specification on the Edexcel website, so learn some good multipurpose phrases.
Use all the prep stuff you are allowed for speaking, but make sure you still sound sponateous and not just reciting whole chunks. Also practice speaking with someone if you can as it helps you get used to it.
Learn what all the accents sound like on letters as it helps pronunciation and spelling (i treat accented letters as different letters from their non accented counterparts if that makes sense, like extending the alphabet)
If you give an opinion make sure you justify it, learn some interesting adjectives so you don't just say the usual genial/interessant/ennuyeux.
Learn some interesting connective words/phrases so you can make more complex sentences.
Read the specification so you know what examiners want to see from you.
Grade 9 is basically just about doing more than learning phrases off by heart, you need to have a decent grasp of french as a whole language, and doing wider reading and work to get the hang of it is an excellent way to do that. Some french films that are quite accessible language wise and to me at least a good watch ( assuming you've not already seen them) are Les Choristes (excellent and very sweet) and À la folie... pas du tout (ngl this one is weirdddd but quite entertaining). Stick english subtitles on and try to follow the relevant spoken French. You might want to try Skam France also, its a really good show aimed at teenagers and with a bit of online digging you can find english subtitles (they speak Very Fast just a warning).

Sorry this was very long and I have no idea if it's very coherent but I hope there's something helpful in there!

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