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i feel like this is something that isn't being spoken about enough publically, and i think it's something that could potentially deter many from continuing into university-level study.

from what i know, student finance determines how much they give you based on your parent's income: in an ideal world where every family is picture perfect and everyone's a single child this would work great, but we don't live in such a world. my dad is a paramedic (an already (objectively) grossly underpaid profession in which he saves lives) and my mum is an alcoholic who leaches off of the government. i am not an only child, my dad has to provide for 5 other children. alas sfe doesn't (or as a company, can't) take this into consideration, and act on the assumption that my dad is always going to have thousands in his pocket ready to shell over to me.

compared to others, my situation, though not great, is far from as bad as it gets. not everybody gets along with their parents, i have a friend who doesn't get a penny or even a "happy new year" out of their parents, just because she's gay.

if it wasn't for my student overdraft facility offered by hsbc, i'd have £2 to live off of, after paying my student accomodation fees. sometimes i feel if i would've put my mum, whom refuses to work, down as my guarantor, i would've been granted a lot more. i feel as though student finance is just another reflection of how this country rewards those who are too lazy to work, and effectively punishes those from working families.

i'm just using my personal situation as an example, i invite everybody to reply with their own stories; i can only imagine how screwed over some students are with this system.
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