Mensa IQ TEST. Increasing crystal intelligence? Practising components of IQ?

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I'm taking an Mensa administered IQ test in a few months. I estimate my IQ is only a measly 110-120 (yes, i know i wont be accepted, I just want to find out what my IQ is, I don't know why i didn't just go to a private psychometric test center tbh).

I searched up components of an IQ test, i know you cant prepare for an IQ test by practicing IQ tests since that defeats the purpose and conceals your real IQ. I thought IQ tests were designed to guard against the practice effect anyway whereby your IQ can only be increased so much by practicing until you reach a plateau. But what if you could practice the ability they test you on in the test NOT the actual questions themselves
Here's a list of the components or things they test you on in an IQ test:

Verbal Intelligence
Mathematical Ability
Spatial Reasoning Skills
Visual/Perceptual Skills
Classification Skills
Logical Reasoning Skills
Pattern Recognition Skill

I haven't done research on some of these components but I'm sure they can be improved. Cant you just practice mathematical ability by just doing maths problems? or verbal intelligence by reading, widening your vocabulary range and doing word based puzzles like crosswords?

What annoys me is that parts of IQ tests, test general knowledge i.e crystallized intelligence (ability to apply knowledge gained over your life to situations) and not just fluid intelligence i.e raw problem solving ability in novel situations. My crystallized intelligence is likely extremely low so I'd fail the test in that sense. I have zero motivation to peruse my curiosities and I have zero life experience and knowledge

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