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I'm a 17 year old Indian boy currently in Year 12. I'm lucky enough to have been brought up in a very priviliged family and so money has never been a concern. My mother is a Doctor (nearing consultancy now) and has had well-off and less fortunate patients. My dad is an IT Project/Test Manager (contracts himself to large firms including Barclays, Deutsche Bahn, HSBC, Citigroup etc) but he is also involved in social/charity work in the UK and India and has interacted with people of all incomes.

As a result, we are aware that as a family we are in a very priviliged and fortunat position and so we do our best to help out the less fortunate, yet it is never enough.

I do like expensive/luxury things. What I mean by this is niche items like watches, pens and clothes (Club Monaco and Reiss, not Supreme, Off-white etc). As a result, I wouldn't say it is necessarily showing off because most people don't notice the branding on the watches/clothes because they have a tasteful, subtle, yet sophisticated and sartorial design. I just like the heritage and quality feel of the items (although the interal pride of it could also play a part)

However, I always feel guilty wearing a Tissot or Longiness watch in school. Most people just see it as a nice watch similar to Armani (though the Longiness is a lot more pricey) because they can't tell the difference visually and so I don't know why this is an issue to me.

So how do you deal with having nice things, knowing that you are in a very fortunate position?

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