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Hi, I am looking for advice on what to do about this boy situation.

We have been talking for a month now, we go to different schools in the same town and have seen each other but only in passing conversation or in groups for short periods of time.

However, he has asked me to hangout with him alone, I have never been on a date before, but agreed-we haven't made plans in weeks...
He won't talk to me the same as he did before and always stays online when he says goodnight.

I don't know if he has any interest in me at all-we have similar music and film taste and he referred to me as "the male version" of himself. He also sends me things that are of interest but then ghosts me...

Any help on what to do would be appreciated,
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So he's invited you to 'hang out' but then you two never actually made plans to hang out?
If my understanding in is correct and he runs hot and cold (ghosting you) you are being set up to be disappointed. I know that this is probably not what you want to hear but he is either too immature to be a good friend much less a romantic interest or he's not interested but his behavior indicates that he'd probably treat all girls the same way. Guys that run hot and cold are just flat out immature. If a guy is actually intersted in a girl he will not be ghosting her - 100%. Don't be available to him..... oddly enough it is a bit of a turn off for some guys (but let's be honest the nice guy you'd actually want to date you won't have to play 'not available' games with). With this particular guy you're going to have to play some games..... don't be available, play coy about what plans you have etc. Don't talk about having never been on a date before that isn't his business especially given he's as likely to ghost and to be friendly so you need to hold some personal things close and not share everything with him.
My advice would definitely be don't go 'just hang out' - that can lead to expected hook-up (minus the date). If he's interested he'll take you out. Do not under any circumstance have sex with him...... not until you've been dating and are in a committed relationship with him....which as you know in my opinion doesn't seem likely.
He may be a nice guy..... but genuinely nice guys will take girls out on dates and treat them with respect and will not ghost them or have any expectations the girl is not comfortable with. First and foremost only date a guy who constantly treats you with the utmost respect. Best of luck!

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