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Could anyone answer these questions for me, I’m preparing for mocks but I can’t understand the league.

1) how the organisation of the League hoped to keep the peace
2)what the strengths and weaknesses of the League were
3)whether the League's aims were too ambitious
4)whether the League was more strong than weak, or more weak than strong
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1) Wilson's 14 points for a start, they hoped that interventionism (e.g. they would get involved if a country was invading or threatening others or its own people), allowing and respecting state sovereignty, and political interdependance meaning that all member states relied on each other so much and were so wrapped up in each other that they wouldn't fight

2) Weaknesses, ultimately completely ineffective, Wilson lost the election and the USA became far more isolationist and did not get involved, the rest of the league was largely useless and hence when Japan invaded China in the 30s the LoN did nothing effective to stop it, I think they may have applied a few sanctions but nothing that had any real effect. Despite commiting to interventionism they weren't very good at it, likely because interventionism directly conflicts with respecting sovereignty
They also had exclusionist policies which alienated other nations, e.g. Russia and for the early post war days Germany, also once Germany left the league under Hitler threatened unity and did not promote the interdependence that was hoped for
Strengths?? um well I guess none of the nations in the League fought while they were in the league (I think?), and I guess it was an important step in working towards creating global diplomacy and peace and it lasted for over a decade, but ultimately there is a reason why the UN is still around and is a thing when the LoN isn't

3) don't know too much, but probably a mix. It is possible they could have achieved aims if tried a little harder, then again the whole issue of favoring interventionism (stopping a state from doing what it is doing) and respecting sovereignty (respecting a state's decision to do what it wants) was probably not thought out that well.

4) linked to weaknesses and strengths, defintely more weak than strong it did very little of what it aimed to do and was largely ineffective crippled by America's lack of interest and Europeans's lack of ability/desire/fear of interventionism

I hope this is helpful, I'm afraid I don't know too much about LoN in detail

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