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I'm definitely sure I want to go into forensics as a career and researched that biomed is the way to go to enter this profession.

However, looking at the modules for Pharm at Ncl uni, it appears more interesting to me than biomed, and Im lost as to what to do.
Could you be a forensic scientist with a pharmaclogy bsc?
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Hi, I've moved your thread to the biosciences forum.

To answer your question, neither are hugely relevant. Forensic science is a largely process based role which requires you to have particular background in certain lab techniques - chemistry is a very common route for this, since you'll cover a large range of lab techniques and have a good amount of practical experience in them by the end of the course. Some specific biochemical techniques might be covered in a biomedical sciences course, but a biochemistry or microbiology type course would probably be better for that.

Something to bear in mind is it is an industry with very little growth and limited demand, so it'd probably be best to focus more on choosing a degree that will generally meet requirements to go into the desired area, but also have plenty of options if you aren't able to enter immediately. or indeed, if you do manage to get a position and then realise that it's not for you. Bear in mind you are at no point ever interpreting evidence or similar - doing so would immediately disqualify what you're working on due to potential bias. You just perform lab analysis of samples, and record the data, and pass that on to whomever; they are the ones who then interpret it and present the findings as supporting some end conclusion or not. As stated, it's very procedural and I imagine demand for the role is going to go down as automation of the relevant techniques increases (and as above, it's not a very high demand area to begin with).

To summarise; Pharmacology would probably be as suitable as BMS (possibly a little more so, depending on the structure of the course and how much it emphasises chemical, biochemical and microbiological lab techniques). You should strongly consider courses that offer other options due to uncertain outlook in that sector along with those labwork considerations however.
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