Likelihood of being able to use a PGCE Secondary MFL in international schools?

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I recently graduated with a 1st in BA French and Spanish and then went on to obtain the CELTA qualification, and now I'm trying to figure out if doing a PGCE and getting QTS in MFL is going to be at all useful in reaching one of my goals of working in an international school, or perhaps even in a public school abroad (after having taken the relevant exams to do so in that country).

Obviously a PGCE Secondary in French and Spanish would be extremely useful in the UK, but I'm dubious as to how useful it would be in say, Italy, as it could be that I move there in a few years.

With my CELTA qualification, I could find an ESL job in a language school/academy, and for a while this would satisfy me. However the lack of stability and the lower salary, amongst other things, would probably mean that I could not do it long-term, which is where teaching in an international/public school would come in.

The doubt is, though, about whether an international/public school would hire an English native-speaker to teach French and/or Spanish, potentially rendering my PGCE in MFL void (abroad). I would of course be willing to teach English as well, but as far as I know, it's very rare/impossible to do a PGCE in English as a Foreign Language, as a PGCE in English is more to do with teaching English language and literature to native English students.

So, experience aside (I am well aware that I will need a fair few years of this before even being considered by most international schools), how likely would it be for an English native-speaker from the UK with a BA in French and Spanish, a CELTA qualification, and a PGCE Secondary in French and Spanish, to secure a job in an international school, either teaching English, French or Spanish, or all three?

And could anyone advise me on other courses of action to take?

Apologies for the lengthy post!
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This will totally depend on the country/school where you apply. Some countries are very keen on PGCEs, and there may not be huge numbers of native speakers applying for some jobs.

Most international schools ask for two years teaching experience at least- would you be happy to work in UK schools for this long? If you had a good track record with exam results (especially in an IB school in the UK) then you might be preferable to a native speaker without this. However, it might take 5 years + to build this level of experience.

In the UK, once you are qualified, you aren't just limited to your PGCE subject- it may be that international schools would be happy to employ your to teach English as a foreign language with an MFL PGCE.

I think a lot will depend on the individual school you apply to.
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Hiya, I am in the same boat as you, doing a PGCE in MFL and wanting to teach abroad in an international school in Spain. What did you end up doing? Did you find out anymore?

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