is this me lowkey wanting attention or do i acc have a rpoblem

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if i were to ask myself in the future if i ever suffered with mental health problems i would say yes an eating disorder, social anxiety and depression.

but the more i delve deeper into whether i really have any of these or not the more i find myself relating to other illnesses for example my friends reckoned that i’ve been displaying more and more OCD symptoms recently and wanted me to get checked out w the gp, i went online and find that actually they’re quite right and suddenly i’m looking up more and more and my list according to internet symptoms and tests has become as follows

depression -yes
social anxiety -yes
eating disorder -yes
OCD -possibly
ADD (ADHD subtype) -possibly
some type of behavioural issue leading to extreme frustration and anger
i’ve also abused alcohol and self harmed in the past because i just cannot do what i want to i feel completely in control in the moment yet when looking back realise i regret so much and did not think hard enough possibly because i wasn’t in control

i know it’s unreasonable to think that this much would affect one person which is why i’m here finally writing this out after so long please just give me your opinions

what is it likely to be if it is anything
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A lot of symptoms can cross over with one another for mental health, and generally speaking the more you look into something the more you over think and relate to them. The best thing to do if you are concerned is to make a doctors appointment just in case and get properly diagnosed if it is the case with any of them.

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