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Hi! I need advice as to which course would be the best for me. I am currently on an Access Course at a local college and am planning to apply to University starting 2019, I would like to apply to one of the better unis. I would love to pursue Plant Sciences however feel a bit stuck as all the undergraduate Plant Science courses are in unis outside of London. Because I have a family I won't be able to relocate and will have to limit my choices to Greater London universities. However most biological studies in London seem to be very focused on human (from a medical point of view) or animal biology (at least that's the impression I got). Is there anywhere that could offer a development towards botany within London?
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Well, Cambridge is commutable from London; while the university requires you to live in Cambridge, it is near enough that you could go back pretty easily (it's 45 mins to Kings X) if something came up. So that might be an option...? If you're a mature student with family commitments they sometimes dispense with the residence requirement I think (although I believe that's quite exceptional).

Beyond that, most courses called "Biological Sciences" or similar tend to have both animal and plant biology (along with ecology and evolution topics) initially but you can usually specialise more towards one than the other as you progress through the course. For example Imperial you just do a fairly broad organismal biology approach initially but you can take all your options in plant science related things later (and in the process you'll do a fair bit in microbiology, which is quite important for plant sciences as I understand). It's unlike you'll be able to avoid animal stuff altogether, but equally most budding animal biologists/zoologists will need to take at least one course in plants

Look what optional modules they have and to what extent you can select towards a given specialism later in the course; also have a look and see what, if any, research the department does in plant sciences. A reasonable amount of research activity will usually give rise to moderate range of optional modules of relevance as well as dissertation/project titles in the area.
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