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Hi, i’ve recently been unemployed for ages and was going off to tons of job interviews. i’ve been offered jobs from sainsburys and tesco! which one should i accept? i know sainsburys pays £9.20 and tesco pays around £8, but one massive thing for me is that in sainsburys i’d have to work around food (deli counter) which is one thing i am NOT keen on, and tesco i’d just be a customer assistant. i want to do both but i don’t think you can work for rival companies. does anyone have any advice?? the hours for each work are the same but one big thing is that with tesco i’d have my sunday off, while sainsburys i’d only work the weekend. any advice would be appreciated!
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If working longer and earning more money is your thing, go for Tesco. If you're trying to ease back into employment, I'd say Sainsbury's. What I wouldn't do is view them as if they have this Batman/Joker rivalry, to the point where you can't work for both.

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