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For my History Coursework I'm answering the question "The KKK were the main opposition to the Civil Rights movement between 1860-1965"
But I'm really struggling with it. I've got to include primary sources and historians opinions and obviously argue and answer the question but I'm really finding it difficult to get off the ground with it.
This is the opening paragraph I've got so far;
"Before 1865, when African-Americans got the right to vote, African-Americans were considered property and used as slaves by many states, especially in the southern states where the work force of most agricultural trades was predominantly made up of enslaved African-Americans. Often the slaves were kept in poor conditions, with one former slave describing the whippings and brutality against the African-Americans in 1845. Because of these decades of brutality and exploitation against African-Americans by white Americans, it is not difficult to see why former slave owners and generations of entitled, privileged, white Americans, did not agree to or like the emancipation of the slaves in 1863. Racially motivated white people began to form groups such as the KKK soon after the slaves were free to scare and torment the former slaves from using any of their new-found freedom, such as the right to vote in 1865. However, it could be argued that, whilst the KKK was a major factor in delaying the true freedom and civil rights of African-Americans, there are many other factors that delayed the civil rights movement, including the Civil Rights groups not working together and the discrimination and racism within the American government and its people. I believe the main opposition to the civil rights movement was the lack of government backing to the causes that people like Martin Luther King Jr and Malcom X were campaigning and working towards."

Could anyone give it a read and see if I'm talking about the right thing and good factors or not?
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Don't post your coursework! Someone could plagiarise it, and then you could be accused of copying them and get disqualified.

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