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2018: A Review

As we've now passed into 2019, and we continue to look back at 2018 and the many important events that happened, what better way to celebrate the year than to look back at some of the wonderful things that happened?

Some of these included:
  • GoFundMe page set up to help ‘Swanley Charlie’ find a home - after seeing a homeless man called Charlie sat outside an Asda, a woman decided to start a fund raiser to help him afford the deposit on a place to live. This page reached over £2000, and helped reinvigorate his hunt for work.
  • £300 raised after couple burgled and toy money stolen - a pastor and his wife were victims of an overnight burglary, and the theft included that of money they’d been saving to buy Christmas presents for the local children attending their church. A stranger heard of their story and set up a fundraiser to get back the £125 they’d lost... and ended up more than doubling it!
  • They Wanted to Raise $1,500 for Immigrant Families at the Border. They Got Over $20 Million. - After seeing the viral photo of a two year old crying after being separated from her mother at the border, a couple in America decided to start a fundraiser for Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services in Texas. They wanted to raise $1500, but as the campaign grew they managed to instead reach a whopping $20 Million, and become the largest single fundraiser in the history of Facebook.
  • Woman with Down Syndrome lives out dream of being flight attendant - Southwest Airlines helped a woman live out her dream after helping her be am assistant flight attendant on a flight from Sacramento to Seattle. The dream was made possible after she met and befriended a veteran flight attendant on a recent trip. She even got to make her parents anniversary all the more special by surprising them with glasses of champagne whilst they were on the flight.
  • Mamoudou Gassama: Mali 'Spiderman' becomes French citizen - The Malian migrant who dramatically rescued a small boy dangling from a balcony in Paris, France, has been made a French citizen. Mr Gassama, who had been in France illegally, received international acclaim for his bravery. As well as this, he was personally thanked by the president, and offered a role in the rescue services.

With all these and many more, what do you think were the most heartwarming of 2018 and why? Are there any that particularly stood out you?

If you want to see more feel good stories, join me for #FeelGoodFridays, a round up of the happiest news each week
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Going to borrow one from the sport thread, England's netball team winning an international competition for the first time. You can tell how much it means to them, and how much effort they put in, and sometimes that's missing in professional sport. Was lovely to see. :proud:


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