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(AQA)My Epq title is:

To what extent has technology damaged the social fabric of our society?

and i am unsure as to how to structure this essay and i was wondering if any one can help?
These are some ideas i have come up with so far:

How has technology damaged communications between business families SOCIETY?

How has tech brought society together – social communications?

Against -cyber bullying

Pressures teenagers role models Celebs relates to mental issues

Has there been a social decay

Development of tech and consequences

Types of tech that had negative impacts phishing social engineering

AI and computers

Our society as we know it has come a long way and our means of communication as humans has immensely changed from the hieroglyphics from Ancient Egypt to the early use of radio communications in the 1920s and now due to the vast advancement in technology social media has been the hub for global communications news far and wide can be grabbed a hold of in an instant. But has this marvel in advancement ultimately lead to the demise in the social fabric in our society?

Has all this sudden decay in society a direct consequence in the avalanche of technology?

is there anything else i can talk about or a structure that i can follow and is there any place i can research for resources to help back any points.
Any help will be much appreciated
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