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hi when i created my ucas application i didnt put my schools buz word in i cant find where on the ucas form i can add this please help urgent!1 any help is much a ppreciated
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Did the school set up the UCAS application for you?
If so, they've already put in the buzzword.
If you can add detail and things, the buzzword has already been applied, you can't continue without it, unless you write that you are applying as an independent, in which case there should be the option.
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Guyssss I need help. I am applying for Junior Leadership Team and Prefect in my school and I need to fill out an application. Problem is....well I’m not really good at answering these type of questions. So if you can help me in any, even if it’s just bullet points, I’d appreciate it. The questions are:

1) Why are you applying to be a member of the Junior Leadership Team?

2) What do you think you can bring to the role?

3) What do you think can be further improved at .....(name of school)....? How would you do so?

4) What are your ambitions for the future?

5) If we had to choose between you and another candidate for the last remaining position for JLT, can you add one thing about you that makes you stand out from the other candidate?

Thank youuu
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