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So my option days are coming and I’m wondering if I should choose art. Personally I love drawing and anything related to art, however I’ve heard many opinions claiming that art is time consuming and ‘the worst decision they’ve ever made’. This honestly puts me off and I really don’t want to struggle upon my other subjects which I’m choosing ( geography and drama). Is art a good thing to choose and what goes into at least getting a B or passing?
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im one of the ones who took art and believe me it is literally the worst decision ive ever made... im not sure how much coursework is in drama, but please dont take too many coursework heavy subjects, i do art, food tech and comp sci which all have coursework (except comp sci doesnt count lol) but the past term has been hell. i was doing food tech right up until the day we broke up for christmas, and i had to do so much art over the holidays it doesnt feel like ive even had a break. and now we're starting the second part for art and food tech, and my indecisive ass cant decide which bloody task to do. i put in more effort into art than any subject, and still came out with a 5 in the mock (hopefully the extra work i did bumps it up a bit )
ok rant over. if drama has a lot of coursework, it might be difficult, and anyone who does art will tell you it is time consuming. but honestly, although i hate it, if you do genuinely love drawing, are creative and good at art overall, then hopefully you'll enjoy it. word of advice tho - you really have to be willing to put the time and effort in. it can be hard to get a good grade, but listen to your art teachers and take their advice (even if its not exactly what you wanted to do, believe me, it'll get you the grades). some people go on to love art - so best of luck if you go with it!

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