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I am currently a first year student going into my second semester, I’ve only been back to uni for less then a week and I’m really struggling. Academically so far I love my course and I’m doing so well in it, but I currently have made no friends on my course or even at the uni. I always feel very alone and tend to go home every weekend to see family and my boyfriend which then I am happy. But being at uni all week makes me so upset, I find myself crying all the time and just feeling very down. I’m really stuck on what I should do, because I’m so miserable....? I just didn’t expect my uni experience to be like this. Does any body have any advice or options I could take? I feel like dropping out but I want to do well in life so I don’t know wether this is for the best?
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Societies saved my sanity at university. It's great to be amongst people who enjoy the same things as you. I met my best friends at societies, and I've got very happy memories of my time spent at the meetups.

People are generally welcoming at societies, even long past freshers week, although this obviously varies depending upon many factors; I've found it to hold as a general principle.
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I’m sorry that you feel this way, it’s a shame since you’re enjoying the course!

Have you joined societies? They’re a great place to make friends because you have a shared interest with the other people which can make it easier to get along. This is the same with people on your course - if there’s someone you get along with in a seminar or something, why not ask if they want to get a coffee when the seminar finishes? Sometimes the hardest bit can be putting yourself out there!

Obviously you know your mental health best, but I would recommend, if you can, to try and not go home at weekends. By doing that, it limits the time you can spend making friends at uni and just reinforces to yourself that home is a safe place. Make plans for a weekend at your uni - spend some time exploring the town, attend a new club or try a new sport, just keep yourself busy.

I’d also definitely let someone know how you’re feeling - most unis will have a welfare or student support service you can speak to, or you may have a tutor/supervisor you can talk to. They can advise you on support available at your specific university, plus just listen when you need.

Ultimately, it’s down to you to judge how bad you feel. If you felt this way in first semester then maybe this particular university isn’t right for you. However, if this feeling’s primarily started in second term, then that’s pretty normal, as you’ve been home for Christmas so going back can be quite a shock. Tell someone at your uni and hopefully they can talk you through some options. Best of luck!

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