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Hi, I'm a 20 year old 1st year illustration student in Norwich. I came to uni to find my accommodation was awful for a lot of reasons, even though the people were nice and I made some good friends, I decided it was best if I moved (safety hazards like outside doors not locking and never being fixed, estate agent came into my room when i was sleeping in bed etc). So I've just moved accommodations a week before christmas so I've only been in my new accommodation (halls) for 2 weeks in total, but my new flatmates (5 of them) all go to a different university than I do, all in different years doing really different degrees which that alone sets us apart quite a bit. They don't really come out of their rooms a lot, I came back from christmas on sunday and it's friday now and I've only seen 2 of them.
They seem to be really unsociable and I've tried to make conversation or suggest having a groupchat in case one of us gets locked out but they're very clearly uninterested. They don't even share basic things like washing up liquid so I have to buy everything and keep it in my room. I know it might not sound that bad, but it's just a massive bummer seeing a lot of my old housemates having fun on their social media together at night, or seeing my coursemates having fun with their flatmates on instagram and stuff. I do have coursemates that I'm friends with but every single one of them has a boyfriend/girlfriend that they spend most of their time with, some of them even live with their partners.
I just feel really alone. I'm diagnosed with depression and my time at university has just made it so much worse, I've been crying every day and night this week I just don't know how to keep going. I miss my dogs from home, and I think being single (after being in relationships constantly for the past 4 years) has a lot to do with me feeling lonely as I don't have anyone to call or text when I'm feeling down.
Also, it will sound shallow but every time I do get invited to something social with my ex flatmates or coursemates, I don't feel excited at all because (sounds so dumb) I'm the largest I've ever been and don't feel confident in myself or happy with the way I look in anything. I see all these people around me with great friendships and flatmates, looking amazing every time they go out or post pictures online and I just feel disgusting and alone. I know it sounds really depressing and stupid, but that's just how i feel and I try to stay positive all day everyday but things just keep going wrong it's hard to explain. I just don't know what to do, I feel so disconnected from life altogether at the moment, it's the lowest I've ever been.
if you have any similar experiences or any tips that might help make things easier for me at the moment please share them
would you consider speaking to someone at university about how you've been feeling?

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