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Is the test for lipids in food the Sudan III test or ethanol test?

For AQA GCSE Triple. The textbook mentions the ethanol test, but there's also the Sudan III test. Does it matter which one you mention in the exam? Bitesize says that either test can be used to test for lipids.
If an exam question just asks you to state the test for lipids, you could mention either one. But learn both tests in case an exam question asks to 'describe the two tests to identify lipids'.
I do double (Or rather did double as I did my final Biology GCSE Test today - fyi - it went really well 😀) but I asked my Biology Teacher and he said
"Either is fine - I just choose to show you the emulsion test using ethanol as this is the test described in the text books. Remember that after adding ethanol to your sample, you then transfer the ethanol to water. A milky emulsion is produced if the sample contained lipid."

So Hope that helps for anyone still doing Double Science GCSE.

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