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In 1918 for the first time in the UK, women over 30 were given the right to vote. The suffragettes and suffragists fought for the right to vote for around 21 years. The suffragettes were created in October 1903 by Emmeline Pankhurst. By 1914, they had 50,000 members. The suffragists were formed in 1897 and led by Millicent Fawcett. They had between 2000-5000 members. They allowed men to join their campaign. Although the Suffragettes used militant statics, the Suffragists campaigned peacefully and calmly. In 1906, social changes brought about by the liberal reforms gave more freedom to the people in the UK. In 1914, women were allowed to contribute to the war effort for four years which was big news as men were only allowed to work.

Some people argue that the activities of the suffragettes and suffragists before the First World War contributed to women getting the vote. They think this because suffragettes campaigned for the votes in a number of different ways. One way the Suffragettes campaigned for the vote was by being on hunger strike when they got arrested. This was significant because it was written in the newspaper making more women aware of what’s happening and persuading them to get up and protest. This was a threat to the government as more and more women were using militant statics, getting arrested and going on hunger strikes which caused a riot in London

The suffragists also campaigned for the votes in a number of different ways. One way the suffragists campaigned for the vote was by writing books about their goals the book explains why women deserve the votes opening the reader’s hearts to the Suffragists which persuaded the public because more people joined the Suffragists campaign and wrote letters telling the government that women deserve the right to vote. The government was taken aback when many men came to join their campaign to protests and contribute to the ideas.

Other people argue that women got the vote because of social changes brought about by the liberal reforms after 1906. The reforms changed many things including the school meal act that was brought in 1906. This allowed poor kids who worked in workhouses to be able to access a meal. Also, the school medical inspections were introduced in 1907. This was when doctors carried out free compulsory medical checks for children. This showed a change that was happening in the UK as more children and adults, got more opportunities to be free. It also changed many peoples perspective of things around them as they realized there needs to be a change in the UK and everyone is independent.

Finally, a group of people says that women got the vote because of women's contribution to the war effort. During the war, women showed the government that can work at the same abilities as men. Women did things such as handling explosives, working at factories, nursing in hospitals for soldiers, working at the post office shops and lots more. Some women worked for 12 hours a day while others worked for 13 days straight with no break but they still got half the amount that men normally got. The fact that women did well and understood the work that was given to them, surprised the public as well as the government as people thought they wouldn't understand the work that was set for women.

To conclude, I agree with the statement that women got the vote because of the suffragettes. This is because if the suffragettes didn't use their militant statics, the government wouldn't have given the votes to women and would have just easily ignored them. Some historians argue that the reason why women got the votes in 1918 was that politicians could not face a return to suffragette violence after the war. Also, they were the reason why women were able to stand up and protests because suffragettes didn't give up with their campaign. Suffragettes made more people more aware of what they wanted and threatened the government for the votes or cause more chaos. Without the suffragettes, women wouldn't have gotten the vote in 1918 or would not have contributed to the war effort that they fought for. That is why I believe that women got the vote in 1918.

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