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Hi! If anyone is free to read through this and give me some feedback on structure ect that would be great! My exam is tomorrow. My conclusion isnt very good I know and there are many spelling mistakes but Im not sure about everything else, let me know. Thank you so much!

Make the best case you can for public funding of the arts.

As the Government struggles to divide its limited resources the arts often seem to be the first to be cut, seen as an easy source of money. This approach is highly flawed as art is of paramount important to our country whether this be due to its ability to provide fulfilment and pride to young people, its representative function in society or its economic benefits. In the analysis it will be demonstrated why the arts should remain to have a stream of public funding due to these reasons.

Firstly an often overlooked point tends to be the spiritual benefits that the arts can provide. The arts are a true outpour of the individuals inner emotions, thoughts and desires and the ability to be able to translate these complex and abstract concepts into something tangible in the real world is a highly fulfilling and cathartic activity. Whether it be in the media form of music, painting, writing or dramatics it allows a platform for satisfaction with oneself and passion which in turn will make the individual a happier one. This release is almost a form of therapy for artistic individuals and to cut resources for arts would be denying their ability to pursue their happiness; an objective for any liberal society to meet. This is particularly relevant to young people who cannot afford the resources on their own to be able to pursue their desires so by cutting the arts we are failing the potential within our young generation.

Art also has an important role in society. A feature of the arts is that it is not exclusive. Although it has been tied to elitism in the past it is clear that ,in modern society, art is for everyone and this allows many different sectors and groups in society to represent issues that affect their lives of a daily basis and brings this into a public sphere. This encourages others to see and understand the issues facing different groups today and builds bonds of empathy and cohesion. This is vital for a healthy, non segregated, multi cultural society to function as to live in harmony with eachother we must have some type of understanding of our neighbours. Examples of groups that have been represented through art includes LGBT rights activists and different ethic groups. Recently there has been more art related to the struggles of refugees. This type of art not only provides and understanding but ,through this, an acceptance and can be the catalyst for social change. To cut art funding would clearly stifle societies diversity and social progression.

Art also has an economic incentive. The UK and especially cities like London have been seen as hubs for the arts and give our national identity a dimension of culture. People from across the world will flood to the UK to come to galleries, to see musicals on the West end, to watch plays and with them bring a large input into the economy through tourism. Tourism can boost our economy and provide the Government with more money to pay for other public services like healthcare and education. It seems paradoxical to cut funding to the arts when the arts provides such a substantial amount of money to the country. Although, in the short term, there will be more money for the State to spend on various services overall they are reducing the number of jobs provided by the arts and removing the dimension of culture which will change our national identity and reduce tourism which will further decrease available jobs. Cutting the arts will lead to a stagnating economy in the long term which is detrimental to the very reasoning behind cuts in the first place.

The arts to the UK provide benefits on so many levels. Whether this be at an individual layer right from within right up to the state of our economy the case for the public funding of arts is clear; to cut funding would be to suppress the happiness of countless individuals who do not have the luxury of pursuing the arts independently and preventing them from reching spiritual fulfilment. Cutting the funds could potentially segregate society and stop progression and it will ultimately have a negative impact on society. Therefore funding must remain.
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good intro and structure
good luck tomorrow

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