URGENT: Further Maths GCSE- will it help with my normal maths GCSE

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So I'm currently in year 11 and my school is offering students a chance to do further maths GCSE. We will only have 4 months to study it. My slip is due in tomorrow!! Please help!I do not want to take maths at A level, however I am wondering if taking further maths GCSE will help boost my normal maths GCSE (which I am doing just ok in)?I know that the course is different, but will further maths help with my understanding of the standard GCSE course and is it likely to improve my grade? Surely there must be some overlap in what they teach you?Another option is that I learn the further maths course just to help my understanding in normal maths and then drop it so I don't have the pressure of doing extra exams? Does this sound like a good idea or are there any other tips that you can give me to help with maths instead?Thanks
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Nah. I don't recall it helping with regular maths GCSE (except for one question in my exam where instead of drawing a tangent line I differentiated :teehee: ).
The main help was with A-level maths so if you don't want to do it, there's not much point. Overlap doesn't matter and if anything is a negative point, because that's just revision which is something you should do anyway.

tl; dr GCSE further maths is mainly just to give yourself a headstart for A-level

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