GCSE AQA SPANISH.... honestly im breaking down Watch

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Hi there,
i hope that you can do something to help me with my Spanish exams
i am in year 10 and i really struggle with Spanish
is there any really good high level sentences that i can memorize for my writing exam that will fit for any context?
I am doing higher
But i am threatened to move to foundation if i don't get a 7-8 in my march exams i recently got a 5 im really struggling and i feel like breaking down Spanish is just so hard i just want a 7-8 for GCSE and get it over and done with.
Please tell what i can do for this one and a half year i have left for gcses in order to get an 8 for spanish in my actual gcses what schedule should i follow, what helped you succeed in these 9-1 spanish exams

thank you for any help i really need it.
/ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯\
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I messed about all the way from year 7 - year 10 in spanish, I'm a set one student for everything else and like predicted grade 6 or 7 for my gcses in may, and in spanish I was always set 3 from year 8- to the end of 9. Just put your head down start asking questions and go over it at home, im in set 2 now i didnt want to do higher and get level 5 in mocks and 4. (Sorry for broken English I cba typing formally lol)

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