History and IR at At Andrews or His/Pol of the Americas at UCL?

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Hey Everyone!

So after being rejected from cambridge on monday (rip) I am now trying to decide what my second choice should be. I have applied for History and IR at St Andrews (no offer yet though) and History and Politics of the Americas w a year abroad at UCL. So, I love the course at UCL because all my life I have studied European history and I would looooove to study American and most importantly Latin American history. Plus that course would allow me to learn Spanish and take a year abroad. However, I am scared that due to its name, employers will assume that it is simply built on case studies from American history and politics, while in fact most core modules are about approaches and thus I would get the same skills as in an ordinary His/Pol course. I just don’t want people to assume it’s a ******** course, if that makes sense...

The course at St Andrews is great! but it isn’t as close to my heart as the one at UCL.. and I like UCL itself more but maybe History and IR sounds more professional?

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