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Boyfriends ex......Just wondered on what people would do in this situation.

My boyfriend messaged his ex saying things like “he regrets breaking up with her” “he wishes he had her back “when he was with her times were happier” when he had to go he said “he’ll miss her”.

Me and him were going through quite a hard time of nearly breaking up, arguing quite a lot, his mum had recently moved far away and his job at the time was not going very well. This isn’t an excuse at all but just trying to put myself into his shoes and how he was feeling at the time.

I confronted him about this to which he said......
He had no feelings their despite what he said. He knew what he said was wrong.
He had over a period of time had these thoughts in his head which he wanted to get rid of so he asked these questions to her.
And that he didn’t want to loose me as he knew I’d take it the wrong way as I have done in the past.
He messaged her twice for a small amount of time and his last question to her was “if you was single would u give me the time of day” and she answered and he just left it completely after that. And he hadn’t gone back to message her since. He was very pushy in his messages which is why I feel that what he says about wanting to get rid of these thoughts in his head tallies up. He was with her for 4 months in 2017. I sent these messages to his mum to see what she thinks as he’s always promised me he would never cheat. But from what his mum said is that she feels he wanted closure on his thoughts. Just wanted to know what other people might do in this sort of situation.
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Leave him. I wouldn’t have any doubts.

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