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I recently found out my boyfriend of nearly 2 years met another girl a late evening, he denies anything went on with her but also didn’t tell me that he met her, I found out from somebody else. I have over come similar past issues in this relationship, but really don’t know what to do this time. I say I want to still be with him, however when I’m not with him and I’m doing other things, is when I realise I am not okay with what has happened. He says he is happy with me and I thought our relationship was going so well, so i can’t understand how this could have happened.
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Being a guy who is currently in a relationship for almost 2 years also, I understand there can be bumps and dips. This is definitely a dip. However, as a guy I know how some others think and in my situation ive done the same thing. Not to keep it a secret so my girlfriend doesn't find out but since in my view it's not important and doesn't mean anything in that way. Bringing it up may create doubts, as it has in your situation, but I would try not to worry about it. Try to be open with him and tell him exactly how you feel. Don't just make a few off comments or arguments over text, sit down with him and talk to him about it. If he says he is happy with you, trust him. I'm assuming in the past two years you've had people approach you who are interested or flirt with you and you don't bat an eye to it. Its practically the same situation. Okay sure he went to her house at a late evening but if he has a solid enough reason id say believe him, or at least try to. It's hard keeping a relationship together if one of the partners start having large doubts. That being said, don't let him walk all over you. If you have substantial proof or you feel the relationship is hurting you more than making you feel good then maybe it is time to move on. It is ultimately your choice on how to act but make sure you don't regret what you choose!
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