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I think I may also be mildly autistic as well as having social anxiety as I’m obsessed with routine. I agreed to go on a trip with my friends tomorrow and I will be staying the night in another city and going clubbing but it’s honestly giving me a panic attack. For starters I hate clubbing and can’t stand that they only find enjoyment when getting drunk. But also the main thing for me is on weekends I have a routine of what I like to do Saturday nights at home and Sunday morning but when it’s broken i start to go into a mini meltdown. It’s weird I feel as though my weekend is being stolen from me in a weird way.

Is this really weird that’s I’m freaking out whenever I do somethingthat disrupts my routine, I’m desperate to get out of going but know I absolutely can’t and that seems to significantly increase my anxiety.
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sorry to be this person but i am autistic and autism isn't just having routines. anxiety can usually make you have a routine because it's comfortable for you.
get tested anyway

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