Can someone teach me about BREXIT? Watch

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(Original post by Miss Maddie)
It won't be really bad for economy

Brexit is about more than eocnomics. It's about what you want Britain to be.
What a ridiculous thing to say. It is like saying, "Lets burn down the house. I mean - living isn't about having a roof over your head. It is about what you can achieve with a nice flat piece of ground."

Trouble is, where are you going to live whilst you figure out what your new house is going to look like.

Sovereignty dreamers like yourself don't really know what it is you are trying to achieve. You have an inkling you sort of know, but no way of knowing when you have got there or even what your brave new world will actually look like.

In the mean time, that "Brexit is more about economics" thing will start to take hold, we will become poorer and less influential in an increasingly globalised world and that in turn will overshadow any utopia you think you might actually achieve.

It is all about the economy. All the other stuff is just idealist fluff.

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