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(Original post by Burton Bridge)
The problem is far greater than meets the eye at first glance, it's made far worse by a weak government and the involvement of one of the sides of the Irish problem.

May is very much up the creak without a paddle and Corbyn really is not helping by pushing impossible demands like removing no deal as an option, furthermore I believe he knows this full well.

I think we will end up with no deal, I think there will then be further unhelpful attitudes and actions from our politicians with labour trying to blame the tories for everything and Tories literally spliting to form two parties. The next government will be either aablut minority or a Labour snp collective with a a other Scottish vote.

That's my prediction, bleak as it is.I hope I'm wrong
May paddled herself up the particular creek, she had other options two years ago, she chose not to take them then and a fair few are now silted up and non navigatable.

I would love to read the history books from fifty years hence and what they say about the whole debacle.

On the positive side for her and Dave I think the Cameron and May years are going to get far more pages than the Blair Brown years in future school history books.
If you read a lot of history you always come across those moments when you want to shout, "don't do that, you have choices, do somehing different", yet you know they took the path they did and the result-Brexit looks clearly to be one such moment, the only catch is we are living it rather than observing it from afar.

Best advice I now have is stock up with a lot of drink for 29th March 2019 and don't sober up until 29th March 2020, rinse and repeat if needed.
the bear
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(Original post by nulli tertius)
I went to hear a talk delivered by the other half of the job share, Tracy Borman, wearing platform boots that Anni-Frid and Agnetha would have considered a little showy.
we need pics nulli :teehee:

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