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I've recently got unconditional offers from Bournemouth and Nottingham Trent Univerity but I can't decide between them. I applied for Television Production at Bournemouth and Television Production Technology at Nottingham Trent. I really like both courses and places. Anyone who either goes to one the unis or who is currently doing the course care to give me some advice or convince me in a certain way. I need to decide soon to apply for accommodation but I am really torn between the two. The only thing I thought is that Nottingham is a city and full of students while Bournemouth is just a town. However, because Notts is a city and Nottingham Trent is a city campus, would the social life be worse because I've heard in London people tend to do their own things so I wonder if Notts is the same and has less of a community feel compared to Bournemouth as BU is a smaller town but with a bigger campus. Would Bournemouth feel more like a uni cause of this and have more of a community or am I just completely wrong about this? I like both help ahah thanks

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