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'How far/To what extent' questions...

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    Well you need to discuss the factor that the question poses, and it's relevance to what you are being asked.

    Then you need to counter it with other factors, explaining their significance (or lack of arguably) and therefore presenting an argument as to whether the factor that the question is asking about is important or not. Support your argument with facts and figures, dates and people and justify at the end whether you agree with what the question poses or whether that you think a different factor has a greater significance.


    Depending on the mark scheme, arrange a approximated length. "How far was it a success" + "to what extent was this that" also means - how war was it a failure + to what extent wasn't this that.

    Both sides need to be explored. So follow the PEEL technique for each para.

    E-evaluation (insert the to what extent it was and to what extent it wasnt evaluation here)
    L-link it back to the original answer with a analytical judgement

    If you get the hang of it it'll flow.

    P.E.A. is a good one to remember for these questions as well.

    P - point you are trying to make, show the relevant evidence
    E - explain this evidence, what it meant, who was involved etc
    A - analyse to what extent this evidence accounts for why...*insert q here*

    Build up a balanced argument with evidence both for and against, and come to a reasoned conclusion.

    Another good tip when answering those types of questions is to remember, just always link what you say back to the question, with justifiable evidence, and you really can't go wrong.
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