How do I get an A star with 15 days of revision?

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I am doing IGCSE and I am taking Math, physics, english, biology, EVM in Feb/March and Chemistry in May/June.
I used to get about 40 to 50 percent marks in my mock 1. I then studied a lot and got 50 to 60 percent in mock 2. I am currently doing mock 3 and I am getting around 60 percent.

My mock 3 will finish on february 1st and my board exam will start on feb 17th.
This will give me about 15 days to study for my boards.
I will be studying for approximately 8 hours a day doing past papers and correcting my mistakes.
Is there any advice I can get? what should I be doing and when? Should I spend a few days revising the portions and then do past papers or just start of with past papers immediately?

Thank you.

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