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I am hating year 10 And life in general. School always sucks around this time but I'm losing energy and have barely any motivation anymore.

I'm still a very good student when it comes to Maths, history, English literature and maybe Biology or Chemistry. I can get good grades and I'm interested in the lesson.

However whenever I have a big piece of homework to do I procrastinate and just think about how unfair life is. I'd rather live my life as a teenager just doing what I want to do.

English language is probably the worst subject I've ever had. Same thing every lesson, PEE paragraph for paper x question 3737334, nothing interesting at all. I done think I have learnt anything but I don't find it easy it all, when I did a paper 1 exam a while back I did quite sh#t. I can't be bothered with that subject anymore and it's expectations. The teacher is quite irritating and has an annoying voice as well making it even worse.

I'm like 25th out of 30 in my physics set ranked despite having good notes and being focused in class. Once again I cannot bring myself to just educate myself at home as it's boring and I just wanna live my life.

My only hobbies nowadays is browse the Internet for videos and procrastinate about any piece of homework. It's especially tough when you have a long journey to school as well so you have to wake up early. I have tutor every Saturday for two hours as well. I know what I wanna do as hobbies - start riding my bike again, play the drums (however I cannot because of being forced to go to church, yay). I just wanna live life as a teenager but all this going on makes me stressed out and demotivated.

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Set a schedule for your self so for example every subject of homework you do you give your self 15 minutes of watching YouTube or something to that extent. That’s what I do but you could also plan it out before hand saying I’ll spend 20 minutes on Spanish 40 on geometry and 10 on English then I’ll have 3 hours to do whatever I want. Hope that makes some sense but I have the same problem with procrastinating.
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