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critically evaluate the contribution to democratic political theory that Machiavelli and hobbes have made.basically need some points for this essay, need some sort of direction! plz help thanks
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what ideas do you have so far? Is this for A levels or uni? Just some general pointers I would personally make. Did this like a yr ago so I take no responsibility for the accuracy/validity of my points

-The nature of consent. How the government must initially be consented by the people. But also mention his argument for a centralised and absolute authority - unquestioning obedience. Except in certain circumstances which I can't remember on the top of my head.
-Social contract to escape the state of nature. People show they can learn from experience (prudence) - can construct government for themselves rather than it being given by god or history. They chose to enter the contract.
-Use the social contract to critically argue both sides. Power is absolute, order is worth the sacrifice of liberty, shouldn't question etc...
-Leviathan can be any form of govt - monarchal or democratic. What matters is the protection it offers etc, man's not too fussed...
-I also remember reading a section in his book where he explicitly criticised democracy itself but yeah can't remember, you can look it up bucko.

-I kinda remember reading sth about ppl governed by their own citizens, the ability to choose their own leader (or it might have been a dream). Read the discourse.
**Lost my notes for him, will have a look on my drive when I get the chance and edit it in if I remember**

Wow...okay. This post is literally me trying to put something down in my exam because I refuse to leave it blank...good luck. :rofl:

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