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Hi all! I'm applying for Sussex (most likely setting it as my firm) for 2019. I was just wondering what the best accommodation is? I know it is extremely subjective but this is what I would prefer:

- sociable, with mature party people, but no east slope. I love a good party but I also need my alone time haha.
- en-suite
- not full of international students (or a good mix). from what I hear, the halls that have international students tend to get people sticking with people that are their own nationalities. as much as I appreciate this I would rather not be left out lol.

That's it lol. I'm kind of stuck between Swanborough / Lewes Court Phase 2. I don't mind paying the more expensive prices if it means I will have a better experience!
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When I was at Sussex I stayed in Northfield and loved it! Lewes Court is great as well but if I remember rightly not all of them have an en-suite bathroom and the accommodation itself is slightly older. I don'd know much about Swanborough as I never went in there but it looks very nice from the outside and is right in the middle of campus! To be honest when it comes to the social side of things it is more what you make of it rather than where you are on campus, if you join lots of societies and try and meet as many people as possible then your social life will be great regardless of what accommodation you are in. The best thing to do is to go to an open day or an applicant day and visit the accommodations yourself to get a real feel of what each accommodation is like.

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