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So i'm fed up of uni overall already. Prior to this I was a vehicle technician (completed a L3 apprenticeship), I did an access course after this and left to study Computer Science at York uni so I could have a better life.

I am finding the course content extremely hard (and it is only the first year), especially for someone who has never programmed before or spent the majority of their life tinkering with computers in comparison to my classmates who are all whizz-kids. The math is difficult and a lot of random notation is thrown at us with the expectation that we already know it. There is around 250+ of us in our year alone so it is hard to get 1-1 tution.

Everyone else gets excited over things like using a multimeter and doing pointless tasks, which I find unproductive and boring. I feel like none of these skills will transfer to the real world and the university is in its own bubble, there is no routine or structure. I have no problem with self studying, but bad teaching is swept under the rug with the excuse that we should be self-studying; what was the point in coming to uni? I would kill for a higher apprenticeship but the funding is non existent for my age group so I am limited to applying for big international companies.

I am beginning to wonder if this was a mistake, or maybe uni is just not for me. I live with my girlfriend on campus, we are tied to a 1 year contract in university housing and she has a teaching job, so even if i wanted to leave I would have to find a job here first.

I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience, and could shed some light on this as everyone is pushing me to continue but they have no idea how difficult it is.

Thanks for reading.
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Hi Luke. I had a similar experience, doing a physics degree after an Access course. First year was really hard, because I was so far behind the younger students who had done A level maths. The main thing that stopped me from dropping out in the first term was pride (and money).

Since you are kind of committed for the first year, you should do the best you can in the next few months, and then review the situation in the summer. Put in the hours, spend extra time on the maths and other things you are struggling with, and you will get through it. First year exams don't usually count towards your final grade, so don't worry if your results are not stellar.

I found that things got easier towards the end of first year, and I stopped thinking about dropping out. Everybody else complained that second year was much harder than first, but that wasn't the case for me, because I'd caught up by then. If you commit, you'll probably find that this early part of your degree is the hardest part. In the end, I graduated with a first (I say this not to boast but to encourage).

My final bit of advice is, ask for help. Your lecturers may not have much time, but they generally respond kindly to requests, especially if you are known to be a hard worker.

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