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Are student finance haram, what do you think and any evidence added will be nice
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(Original post by Sophie Watson)
Are student finance haram, what do you think and any evidence added will be nice
As far as my understanding goes, there is a difference of opinion. There is a link/summary on the TSR ISOC thread first page which explains the opinion that it is Halal.

The link which has more detail is this:

It is up to you which opinion you wish to follow so long as you are being sincere to what you believe to be true i.e. if you believe it involves Ribaa or not.

Note: I haven't included evidences for it being considered Ribaa because it is not the opinion I personally follow, and I have not personally been presented with detailed evidences by those who hold that opinion. That is not to say this opinion is weaker, I am just saying I have been exposed to their opinion less.


I browsed a few of your posts after you followed me and I noticed you were applying for the course I studied at the same university I graduated from. If you have additional questions regarding the course or university or their ISOC, feel free to PM me.
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